3 Reasons I Switched to Olympus OMD From Canon EOS: A User’s Experience

I decided to jump to Olympus after nearly 5 years of owning a Canon camera and here are the main reasons why I did so. Remember that these were spread out through the course of 4 years of owning the EM5. This means as the years went on, each reason popped up and really made me appreciate the camera and brand I was…Read More.

Portraits with Maggie: Quick Advise for Photographers

My friend Maggie and I decided to take advantage of the extra long weekend, caused by snow days, by taking some outdoor portraits. While the weather was rough, I think the photos came out looking beautiful…Read More.

Graffiti in the South Bronx: Art or a Crime?

Graffiti is not a new phenomenon in the United States. At one point, New York City’s subway system was a hot spot for large amounts of vandalism on trains, pillars, and walls. After a five year initiative beginning in 1984 to clean up graffiti around the city, the culture began to die out as security was increased and the act began to be considered a criminal offense. Today, most graffiti found in the city are tags left by…Read More.