Dragon Ball Super 1-Hour Long Special Delayed in North America

Fans of the beloved Dragon Ball Super series were shocked a few weeks back when Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, announced that the next episode will be a 1-hour long special.

The long awaited fight between Goku and Jiren in the Universal Survival Tournament Arc will take place across two episodes premiered back-to-back. It was even revealed that Goku will showcase a new transformation “unlike any we have seen before.”

While the Japanese version of the episode premiered without any hiccups, North Americans seeking an English subtitled version of the episode were not so lucky.

Funimation’s website crashed several times as users tried signing on Oct. 7th to witness the most anticipated fight in Dragon Ball Super’s 3-year history

Funimation originally planned to premiere the episode on it’s website, live stream it on YouTube, and upload the fight to their partner company’s website, CrunchyRoll.com. Unfortunately, both websites were down during the scheduled time due to high traffic and the YouTube live stream ended without Episodes 109 and 110 being shown.

Funimation’s official YouTube page started a live stream in hopes of allowing viewers to catch tonight’s featured special, however the stream ended early without the episodes being shown. Shortly after the stream was ended, comments were disabled and fans had mixed reactions.

Funimation was aware of the fan’s outcry for the long awaited episode. Public Relations and Social Media damage controllers took to Twitter to keep the community calm.

Amidst the anime chaos, Funimation representatives still managed to keep a cool head and have a little bit of fun.

We here at Peters News Network wish you nothing but luck Funimation.

Check out  Geekdom101’s Youtube channel for an in depth breakdown of the special as well as more Dragon Ball Super Updates.

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