Who is Doctor Strange?

Every hero in the Marvel Universe has their flaws.

Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, sold weapons of mass destruction to different organizations throughout the world before he was captured by terrorists who had been using those weapons. It was then that Stark had a change of heart and put on the iron suit for the first time.

Peter Parker, or Spiderman, was just a nerdy photographer who witnessed his Uncle Ben get shot! When he obtained his new found powers, he had his heart set on killing the man that killed his uncle. However, he was told by his aunt that “with great power comes great responsibility,” which allowed him to lose his grudge and start fighting off criminals on the streets of New York City.

But what about a surgeon?

What evil motive can a practicing surgeon at New York Presbyterian Hospital with extraordinary powers have when his primary job is to save lives? Maybe he could charge extraordinary prices for his services. Being the youngest doctor to graduate from Colombia University and the only doctor in the world that can guarantee that any operation he performs will be a success should come with a hefty price, right? Seems cruel? Maybe even a little bit strange huh?


Doctor Stephan Strange, or better known as Doctor Strange, is a fictional Marvel superhero created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditiko in the early 1960’s. Strange made his official debut in Strange Tales #110: The Human Torch Vs. The Wizard And Paste-Pot Pete! and has since appeared in several other comics and heroes’ stories. His comic series received a reboot titled Doctor Strange (2015) and is now on its 11th issue.


At a very young age, Strange was cursed by a jealous sorcerer that knew Strange would one day grow up to inherit the title Sorcerer Supreme. According to Comic Vine, Sorcerer Supreme is a “title held by the dimension’s greatest Magic practitioner.”

According to a timeline on Marvel’s official website, Strange had to witness his younger sister drown when he was growing up as the first part of his curse. When Strange was in his early twenties and practicing as a full time surgeon, his mother and father both passed away. His younger brother, Victor Strange, was upset and heartbroken that Strange refused to go to their father’s funeral. After they argued over the matter, Victor was hit by a car on his way back home and died shortly after. Strange found the body and froze it in hopes that future technology would be able to somehow revive the dead.

Witnessing the loss of his entire family, Strange grew cold and bitter to the world. His surgical procedures became more expensive and he only cared about receiving his money at the end. Strange was then involved in a car accident which left him paralyzed in his hands after a successful operation that saved his life. Strange’s pride didn’t allow him to accept offers to practice as a medical consultant or assistant. This caused his money to run out fast and he was found with only an ounce of the wealth he once had.

He sold his remaining possessions to seek a man known as the Ancient One, the Sorcerer Supreme at the time, in hopes that he would be able to fix his paralysis. The Ancient One refused because he knew that Strange would only use his gift for selfish reasons again. As Strange was leaving, he was confronted by the same sorcerer that had cursed him as a child, Karl Mordo. Strange was attacked when he discovered Mordo’s plans to kill the Ancient One. Strange alerted the Ancient One in hopes that the plan would not be successful. Because the Ancient One saw that this was the only selfless act Strange had ever done in his life, he took Strange as his apprentice and taught him the art of sorcery.


The Powers of Sorcery

According to Marvel’s official website, Strange’s powers include the ability to cast spells, wield mystical objects, and call upon entities in different dimensions known as Principalities. These Principalities come from several different realms and provide Strange with abilities that no regular human could ever possess on their own. The most powerful of the Principalities is the Vishanti, a omnipotent trinity of sorcerers that have lent Strange their power and advise on multiple occasions.


Strange has the power to warp dimensions, cast a variety of spells, and project his astral – an alternate form of existing separate from the human body. Strange’s most notable mystical objects include the Eye of Agamotto and the Book of the Vishanti. The Eye holds the power to decipher between the truth and an illusion. It also grants him the powers of hypnosis as well as the ability to communicate with people’s minds. The Book of Vishanti contains an encyclopedia of  “counter spells” that can be used on any form of magic that derives from the mystic art of sorcery.  A full list of Doctor Strange’s powers can be found on Neilalien’s website, where you can also see which comic book issue each power and mystical artifact made it’s debut in.

More Readings and Information

Marvel has scheduled the 2016 movie to releases on Nov. 4, and it is important to read up on who this mystical force is before hitting the theaters. He will play a vital role within the Avengers’ story arch and possibly be the strongest on the battle field when it comes time to fight for the infinity gauntlet.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when talking about Doctor Strange and you can read more on Marvel’s official website regarding his origin story, villains, allies, and powers as well as purchase comics he was featured in to catch yourself up on the Marvel Universe as a whole.

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